I sold my house with Valerie after hearing horror stories about realtors from people I knew. She immediately gained my trust and put me at ease, plus she gave me a detailed spreadsheet of similar properties. (A data-lover’s dream!) Together we went from putting the house on the market on a Monday to closing on the following Friday! Now, are these results typical? Probably not. But it shows what can happen when you have someone who is completely on your team and makes things happen. She was always businesslike, and very understanding about any concerns I had, including COVID issues. Best of all, she shielded me from all the nitty-gritty inner workings of real estate, because seriously, if I wanted to learn all that crap I would’ve tried to sell the house myself. With Valerie, there was no need! If you’re selling or buying a house in the Port Charlotte / North Port / Punta Gorda area, there is nobody I can recommend more highly than Valerie. She’s simply the best!”,